hip-hopThis 4th edition was the first, that took part in both cities on 2 consecutive weekends. With that we opened a new chapter of our success.
What started as a cultural role model project between France and Germany, is now becoming an acknowledged international Event!
2015 will be the year of a worldwide development: Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, South Africa and Russia are taking part as pre-selections.

Die Concept Battles

Paris is the host of the Fusion Concept where all urban dance styles are competing in the same competition. The genius part of the 2vs2 sytem concept is a separation of the dancers in 1vs1 pools between the clash battles and the Quarterfinals.
1.300 spectators became eye witness in 2014 when the “Criminalz Crew 2” won against their Crewmembers and world famous “Les Twins” in the final! Expect greatness for 2015!!


Berlin is marking the finishing line for the 10 day festival marathon. Berlin has hosted the “CODE 1.2.3.” and the Fusion Concept” Battles in the previous years and this year as the 10th anniversary of the Streetdance-Connection we will go back to the roots. Our first big Battle back then was full of Choreography and Shows!
But this new over-worked concept will change the scene! That’s for sure and certain. Crews with 4-6 members can participate. Make sure you got tons of routines ready for the Battle !